Do you care about your health? Do you want to know what you consume? Now you have OutScanner! It is the best tool that will help you with that. Using Outscanner you will allways be able to get detailed information about safety of products. This information will help you improve your long term health.

Use Outscanner for product selection. Simply scan the barcode on the package and Outscanner will provide you a detailed information and safety rating.

Use blacklists to quickly determine if the product fits for you. We supply the set of ready-to-use blacklists for most common categories of ingredients such as carcenogens or alergens etc. Use a predefined blacklist to avoid specific categories of ingredients such as alergens or create your own blacklist.

Outscanner can also suggest more healthy products that are available right at the store, while you are shopping.

Can not find the product? Take a photo of the product packing and we will add the new product in OutScanner.

Basic fully functional version is FREE. Just get the application and start using it every day. Need more? We offer in-app purchases for advanced options which can make usage of the application more comfortable.

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May 14, 2015
Download on the App Store.
April 11,2015
We started preparations to deploy OutScanner for iOS to AppStore.
Our client application is ready and we started deployment procedures. We are expecting OutScanner to be available on AppStore on late of April.
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