What is it?
Outscanner gives you an ability to quickly estimate safety of the product based on ingredients that are specified by the manufacturer.
Whatching out for unhealthy ingredients in the products
You can use an already predefined set of blacklists to avoid specific ingredients, also it is possible to create your custom blacklist.
Estimating safety of a product
After product as scanned a numerical danger value is assigned to a product based on the identified ingredient set. Scanning several similar products allows you to quickly get feel which products are safer to use based on the simple numeric value assigned to a product. The higher the number - the more danger product may pose for your health.
Getting detailed information
Many ingredients have an extensive description that allows you get more information right on the spot.
Quality of the product and ingredient information
Our team will continiually improve on quality of our ingredient and product database, if you locate an error please use an interface features to report us the case and we will review it immidiatelly. Also if product is missing in our database you can upload a foto of the labeling of the product and we will add this product.