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It is so easy and convenient to use. I just aimed my camera at the ingredients and in a second all was revealed: the composition and the danger levels of all the ingredients and the ‘hazard level’ of the entire product. Just like that!


Quickly assess product ingredients and overall danger level.

Outscanner application allows you to quickly assess edible product safety level. It works by swiping a camera across ingredient label of the product, recognized ingredients then matched against a known set of ingridents with estimated danger level. Individual ingredient safety level as well as product safety level is then displayed.


A minimalistic user interface has only functions that you need.


Device camera can scan even small fine print text that is hard to read.

Cross lingual

Outscanner can scan labels in many European languages, French, Italian,, Polish, German, Dutch, Lithuenian, Latvian, Estonian, Spanish.


While ingredients are scanned from the language printed on label, results are displayed in language that the device is configured for, this making it invaluable asistant in foregn lands.

E Codes

Danger rating for the E ingredients is derived from a scientific database.

How The App Works?

Download and install Outscanner

Application is avaible on iOS AppStore and Google Play.

Scan product

Aim camera onto a product label, until bottom screen shows a readout of the ingreditients.

Review Product danger level

Review an overall product level, ie Safe, Dangerous

Review ingredients

Need more info? Look at the individual ingredients and the their danger levels.

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