Investment opportunities

We are looking at selecting an investors for our product that share our vision - helping customers to locate safe and healthy products. There is great set of features that we have in mind yet at this point yet we do not have resources to complete. If you believe in the potential of the product and our ability to deliver them, please contact us at info(at).

We are seeking an investemnt resources to for this activities:

  • Development of additional features
  • Expanding product base to additional markets USA,EU
  • Implementation of the deployment and marketing strategies

Launching Outscanner in other countries

Did you ever wanted to lauch an application in Appstore? This is a great opportunity with low entry cost. Our team is very small and we will partner to establish a presence in other markets. We will provide a complete engineering support: releasing an application, hosting and maintaining content database. We will also provide set of back office tools to moderate and manage a content database. If available we will develop tools required to migrate existing product databases into Outscanner.

You will have to show that you have an adequate resources and will to localize product in your country. In the end profits generated in that market will be split. For more specifics please inquire at info(at).